Roni Kleiner, the maestro of ads that dance between the worlds of live shooting and animation. Known for breathing life into animated characters and crafting compelling narratives, He has the unique talent to make visual effects combining with actors look effortless and create a natural interaction between actors and animated characters. With a distinctive style that blends the tangible and the animated seamlessly.He has a talent in building visually rich worlds, with his inspiring artistic eye and the great technical knowledge to bring his ideas to life.Roni knows how to tell a story in a sensitive and intelligent way and spice up his films with humour and comedy.Ronnie stands out as a visionary in the industry. Turning concepts into visually striking and impactful promotional content.His work includes brands such as Sony, 7up, Volkswagen, Pepsi ,Honda, Soda stream, Unilever, Muller, Nestlé, Air Wick , Peugeot, Toshiba, Hyundai, Citroen, Orange and many more.

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